The first Time

​The first time I ever met my mom’s friend was when Om Null picked us up the go to my mom’s friends house.My mom said that me and my brother have met her before but I was just left scratching my head.
It was a 1hr long drive until we got to their house.When we got to the house we were greeted by Tante Indah,Tante Susi, Tante Santi,and Tante Ernie.They all greeted us happily and were excited to see my mom,my brother and I.First we ate  because we were starving,we ate bakso(meatball soup).Then we ate dessert,we had mixed fruit with coconuts,everyone loved it.after that we took pictures.A lot of people wanted to take a picture with me(I kinda felt like I was famous).It was getting late so we had to leave

Another time I met my mom’s friends was when I went with my mom to her reunion I met all over her class and best friends.There was drawings and I won a backpack it was really cool.My mom’s friends are really nice and caring they always give me stuff like money.I really think that they will miss me my mom and my brother when we go back to Houston.It look like they all are successful after high school.Thank you to all for being such good people to my mom and me.
         -Devin Neugebauer


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